Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Final Ride

All of sudden, the day is tomorrow.

I've known for a while now that my preceptor has been just about ready set me out on my own. He has mentioned it several times, but the day was always weeks away, obscured by an unknown buffer of time. There were always a few more shifts in between then and now, a few more free lessons available for me to learn. A few more reasons to put it out of my mind.

Not anymore though. I found out this evening that tomorrow I will ride with the Chief Paramedic, my last 8 hour evaluation before I am (hopefully) cut loose to perform on my own. We will ride together for the shift, him driving and me running all of the calls. We will jump all of the good dispatches and then he will watch from the side with eyebrows raised, I imagine, as I sweat my way through each of the assessments.

I am excited for this - I have been waiting a long time for it - but right now none of it seems all that fun. My esteemed readers, please wish me luck. It could very well be that this time tomorrow, I will be out on my own.


RevMedic said...

You can do it. Deep breaths and go back to the basics. Just remember this, though: EMT's watch people die, but Paramedics are actively involved! You'll do fine. Keep a smile on your face.

Blue Ridge Medic said...

Good luck!

Brett said...

You will do just fine!

born_yesterday said...

I hope it went well!