Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Places I've Been and the Things I've Seen

My job takes me to many different places each and every day. It is part of what I love about this work: that each moment brings promise of some new experience. This is a photo homage to some of the places my work has taken me this year. Any potential HIPAA violations have been edited, changed, or removed entirely.

(Mr Jingles)

(Mosh Pit)



(Extra Mart)


(John Mayer)

(Minding My Own Business)


(The Yale Bowl)

(Pearl Jam)



Anonymous said...

"All potential HIPPA violations have been edited"

You mean Mr Jingles wasn't his real name?!

Herbie said...

Yale has a football team? Heh.

fiznat said...


haha actually it is, he signed a release form.

RT Scribe said...

Minding My Own Business. That's funny.

I wasn't doin nothin. I was just mindin my own business...

medicblog999 said...

Nice Photos fiznat!
Its rare that I manage to get a concert to cover at my local hometown arena, but I did manage to get the WWE Superstars last month!
I had to laugh when my crew mate came out with a typical ambulance response on seeing the wrestlers back stage......"Christ if he gets injured, I hope he can walk!"

Dragonfly said...

Wow, I bet that guy had a headache after that (hope he was ok though).

NJ EMS said...

I want to see more of these posts...loved Mr Jingles!