Monday, April 14, 2008

Ode to Mr. Jingles

A sigh of relief across all that work at this service. He is alive! He is alive!

It was an arduous journey no doubt. Months he was laid up, rendered alone to the cold with little more to comfort than that which he had prepared for himself in advance; our little friend was not seen for quite some time. Some feared him dead, some wondered if he had traveled far away for more hospitable climates, but there were those who maintained hope all the while. Though the cold, though his forlorn absence, though every unfinished nut, there remained a burning light of hope between us over the smothering, snowy months. He would return, we knew it, and there would be much rejoicing.

...And today, he did. Perched at the entrance to the Emergency Room doors today I found Mr. Jingles himself. A bit skinnier, a bit worse for wear, but alive nonetheless. Ready for another glorious summer of midday snacks and social sessions with the local EMT's, our mascot accepted a welcome back buffet of barbecue-flavored sunflower seeds and regaled us of winter months past.

Wise Mr. Jingles, many patients you have seen bustled past your doors. Here's to another season of summery survival.


Ghetto Paramedic said...

You mean the urban outdoorsmen haven't gotten to him yet?

Anonymous said...

Damn tree rats:

Dragonfly said...

*Goes in search of barbecue flavoured sunflower seeds*