Sunday, March 4, 2007

Precepting II

On the phone with one of our administrators the other day, he informed me that there was a "problem." The voice was ominous sounding, followed by a long period of silence. I had worried this might happen. Due to a number of circumstances within the company, my assigned preceptor has changed. No longer will I be precepting with Mr. Canning.

I hesitate to say that I am disappointed. My newly assigned preceptor is also a long-time paramedic, and a knowledgeable man for sure. I look forward to learning as much as possible with him, and I am sure that our experiences will be both interesting and fruitful. I will be precepting in the city now, instead of mostly in a nearby suburban town as I would have with Canning. This is good. I think.

Still though, I admit that I was a bit excited to precept with Canning. A published preceptor, a man well respected throughout our system and beyond: interested in EMS beyond the immediate and eager to teach. Even the blogging would be an experience, with our two sites mirroring each other in student/teacher fashion. That would have been really cool. I am happy to be given the opportunity to precept with my company, but it is a shame that I missed this chance.

Those of you who know me and are familiar with our system are probably smirking at my careful wording here. I am doing my best to take care and not complain. I dont want to come off to my readers, or especially my administrators, as ungrateful for this opportunity. There are many people who did not pass through the system as quickly as I did, lots of preceptees who have had to wait a long time. I am happy to be starting so soon. I am glad I got a good preceptor. I am aware that this engagement is only for a few months, a mere moment compared to a future of paramedicine. On a wide enough scope, this is a hiccup that shouldn't matter at all.

I know all that, but even still, It would have been very cool.


The schedule has been mostly set. I will not start this week (as I am going to the JEMS EMS conference in Baltimore), but the week after on Wednesday the 14th. I look forward to it.


Brett said...

Hey.. its all good... I wanted to precept with Peter, Rick, or Jack when I was waiting... and when i ended up with scott at first i was slightly dissappointed... I didnt know him, or anything about him... but i was just glad to be precepting... but after having worked with scott it was probably the best person i could have precepted with

Ambulance Driver said...

Hey Baby Medic, I'll be at the JEMS Conference this weekend as well. Come by the national EMS Museum booth and say hello!