Sunday, November 26, 2006


I need to make a few clarifications involving my posts on this blog.

First, I need to say that while the stories/calls/patients/events I describe are real, I have in fact taken a few liberties with details of the accounts. I do not mention names of coworkers and instructors for a reason, and that is because quotes are not direct, timelines are altered slightly, and some details have been changed in order to support the emphesis of the entries.

I mean here not to precicely document events, but rather to detail the lessons I've learned over this period of my education. It has been my experience that these two are often not the same thing. I learn something on every call, but from time to time that lesson will derive from a brief detail of an experience, not from the summnation of all that truly happened. My writing here is aimed at exploring those experiences, and focused on extracting the lessons I've learned from them.

To those who were there with me and may be described in these entries, I ask that you please allow me these liberties. This is not a commentary on your ability or an evaluation of your decisions, this is simply what I have learned from working with you. Sometimes it may be the wrong lesson, sometimes it may be exactly on point: but all of it is a precisely true account of what I was feeling during these calls. Simply put I dont mean to write about you, I mean to write about me.

That said, thank you for reading. I mean to write about me, but I write this for others.

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